Sports Injury Rehab

Sprained Ankle | Sport injury Rehabilitation | Hamilton

Whether you are a recreational athlete or a serious competitor, nothing brings out that sense of joy like playing. So when injuries get in the way it can have more that just a physical toll, it can have an emotional effect.

Chiropractors have the training and skill set to diagnose issues and administer effective treatment to get you back in the action. At our clinics we utilize modern therapeutic modalities to help restore function, reduce pain, and maximize range of motion.

With over 20 years of Sports Injury Rehabilitation experience, Dr. Misale will assess your injury and recommend the best strategies to treat and improve your recovery. Whether it be taping, braces, or therapeutic intervention, your recovery is our first priority.

To book a Sports Injury Rehabilitation appointment with Dr. John Misale, please contact his East End Hamilton location.

About Dr. Misale

Dr. John Misale is a Chiropractor in Hamilton. He has a strong background in physical rehabilitation. He has maintained a strong community based practice over the last 20 years in Hamilton. Dr. Misale has maintained strong ties with all disciplines in the health care fields. His strong belief in well rounded care for the... Read More
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