Custom Knee Bracing and Orthotics

Knee Brace | Orthotics | Hamilton

Do you have a knee injury, knee pain, or foot pain? Have you ever thought about a custom knee brace or orthotics ? We can provide custom knee bracing and orthotics for your knee and foot issues.

Our highly trained and specialized staff will take specific measurements and moulds to provide you with a high-quality device to keep you active and in the game.

Custom Knee Bracing for ligament tears, cartilage injuries, muscle injuries, post surgical protection, osteoarthritis, and sports injury protection can be prepared by our sports specific Kinesiologist and Athletic Therapist to ensure proper measurements and fit.

Our Custom Orthotics are specifically tailored for you to help you deal with conditions like plantar fascistis, flat feet, over pronation, heel pain, and a host of other foot issues.

To book a Custom Knee Bracing or Orthotics appointment with Dr. John Misale, please feel free to contact his East End Hamilton location.

About Dr. Misale

Dr. John Misale is a Chiropractor in Hamilton. He has a strong background in physical rehabilitation. He has maintained a strong community based practice over the last 20 years in Hamilton. Dr. Misale has maintained strong ties with all disciplines in the health care fields. His strong belief in well rounded care for the... Read More
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